Real Estate Agency "ZOFIA" Partnership

Fees and taxes

Type of real estate:

Apartment ownership right in housing cooperative

with mortgage register

Apartment or house or building land

Agricultural property of the land with a surface area to 5 hectares

New mortgage register (1)

Property price: Currency
Tax on civil law transactions: PLN
Judicial fee: PLN
Notarial fee: PLN (2)
VAT for notarial fee: PLN
Enter the Agency commission %: PLN (3)
Extract of notarial act page: PLN (4)

Extra charges in all: PLN

Total price: PLN (5)

(1) Cost of the mortgage register - 60 PLN (only paper without law registration)
(2) Notarial fee provides maximum rates of gratification of notaries for the most common notarial acts documenting agreements with real estate. In individual cases, you can contact directly to the notary office.
(3) The Agency commission including in the VAT rate of 23%. It is possible to negotiate gratification in accordance with the Agency's current price list.
(4) Please select rate of the Extract.
(5) Calculator is for illustration only.

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